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Danielle is a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Care Manager with over 20 years of experience. She grew up in Kennebunk and still lives here with her husband, Scott. She and her husband have two sons, Will and Tom. She graduated from The University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

After college, she began her career at the Piper Shores Assisted Living facility in Scarborough. While spending time with the residents there, it became clear that what was most important to many of them was to share their stories and continue to stay socially active. She also facilitated an Alzheimer’s Support Group for the families of several of the residents. Danielle also worked as a Case Manager, and Social Worker for a Home Care Agency, helping seniors in the local communities determine their needs so that they could stay independent and at home.

From 2005-2010 Danielle was a Medical Social Worker at Southern Maine Medical Center. There she worked with people who were, unfortunately, failing to stay independent at home. Many of them just lacked a little extra help and support to be able to stay in their own environment. This is what led her to start SOS. Danielle has owned and operated SOS since 2010. She is backed by 20 years of experience and is especially sensitive to the needs of people with memory loss and confusion. Danielle has also had hospice training and has worked as a hospice volunteer and former Alzheimer’s Support Group facilitator.

Danielle’s team of companions are all kind, smart, experienced women who share her philosophy and a caring approach coupled with a good sense of humor. They all have chosen to work with seniors to make a difference in their clients’ lives and do rewarding work that changes their lives for the better. They are a small group of women who all have experience in this field and bring a wealth of knowledge from other areas, including a retired teacher, nurse, EMT, artist, recreational therapist, etc. They have worked in healthcare, education, and finance. Several of our companions are “retired”, but we are also students; one is a current college student, but all are students of life!

Danielle’s mission is to provide caring services for seniors to prolong their independence and maintain a high quality of life. And in addition, to support their loved ones so that they have the time and energy needed to care for themselves.

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