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Serving Our Seniors is a team of licensed care providers who serve elderly citizens in Goose Rocks Beach, ME. Our team is formed by talented women who are always prepared to take care of the elderly in our community. We take pride in having over 20 years of experience offering full elderly care services. We specialize in different fields, and thanks to our skills and knowledge, we can provide first-class senior care solutions.

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Our main objective is to be genuine and kind-hearted companions to the elderly. We also serve people with developmental disabilities. Besides our years of experience in the field, we have expertise in other important fields like counseling and art. Our crew is formed by nurses, artists, EMTs, recreational therapists, and even joyful students who wish to learn more about how to help our community!

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Looking For Elderly Companionship?

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Partner up with our exceptional experts at Serving Our Seniors. We have been providing senior care for over 20 years in Goose Rocks Beach, ME. Our professionals have had the experience and expertise to handle the elderly. We make sure we provide gentle and quality services to our senior citizens. Call us today if you need a simple transportation service or family support.

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